IMPORTANT NOTICE – To all current members of the School. Your third-party insurance fees are now due for the Year 2018/19. Please pay the relevant amount as soon as possible to Andrea, with either cash, cheque (PAYABLE TO PJSTA) or online payment. Insurance fees as follows: ADULT: £24pa; CHILDREN/CONCESSIONS: £12pa.

MAT FEES have been increased. If you pay by Standing Order, please amend your figure and then inform Andrea asap.

MONTHLY – Adult: £30*;        Children/Concessions: £12       *Adults have the opportunity, if they so wish to train no less than eight times a month which works out to £3.75 per 1.75 hour sessions)

INDIVIDUAL SESSION PAYMENTS:  Adult: £8;   Children/Concession: £3

Andrea D’Ulivo-Rogers can be contacted direct by email at skaramak@hotmail.com

Welcome to the Home of the Phoenix (Jersey) School for Therapeutic Arts, offering Traditional AIKIDO classes to the public in the Mukyokan style.

twoukesRoshThe classes are available for men, women and children, both able bodied and differently abled, and gives everyone the chance to learn AIKIDO, a traditional based Japanese martial art. 

AIKIDO, on a physical level, relies on using the attacker’s bodyweight and energy against themselves by utilising movement, both circular and linear, avoiding the attack, while blending with it, thus taking the balance of the attacker before employing a series of locks, throw and pins to subdue that person without causing undue harm.

Internally, AIKIDO helps to maintain concentration, creates good posture and body mechanics, nourishes the mind and is good at fighting stress, by creating a healthy mind and body.

Our fully equipped training facility (DOJO) is situated on the west side of the Gloucester Hall at Fort Regent, Jersey. The dojo is the Graeme Pitman Memorial Dojo and is named after the Club’s first Honorary Life President and former Chief officer of Fort Regent Sports and Leisure Centre.

DIRECTIONS: Entering the Fort through the main entrance, walk up the slope and take the small steps on the left. Walk through the two sets of glass doors (next to the circular Queen’s Hall) and enter the Gloucester Hall. Walk down the side of the arena and the DOJO is the third activity room on the left. Our school logo (seen at the top of this page) can be found above the door of the dojo, a venue we now share with the Jersey Judo Association.

The School was founded in September 1987 by Róisín Pitman. 

Róisín still heads the school and is now an internationally recognised 6th Dan black belt (awarded in 2014 by Master Yasuhisa Shioda of Japan) and has instructed in many clubs and countries from the Channel Islands, United Kingdom and Eire in the west, to Turkey and Malaysia in the East.

The school have a great team of teachers waiting to introduce you to the wonderful world of AIKIDO. They are,

Sensei Andrea D’Ulivo-Rogers     –     4th Dan

Sensei Christopher Clark             –      4th Dan

Sensei Ed Nascimento                   –      3rd Dan

Sensei Tim Silvester                      –      3rd Dan


(above) The official ceremony when Mukyokan International (Jersey & Europe) affiliated with Mushinkan International (Malaysia), in the Georgetown, Penang, Malaysia dojo of Kancho Franciscus Nithya (pictured 3rd from the left) in June 2015.

Sundram, seated in front, is holding a portrait of the late Founder of Mushinkan Malaysia, Kaiso A. Francis Ramasamy, a former teacher to Kancho Róisín Pitman (third from right).

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(From left to right – Phoenix Jersey School Badge; Mukyokan International logo; Shioda International Aikido Federation logo – Roisin is graded and registered as an S.I.A.F. Instructor – Level 6; Mushinkan International logo, Hombu Dojo for Mushinkan-Do and Head Coach Franciscus Nithya, son of the Founder, Kaiso A. Francis Ramasamy)